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Peanut Butter ‘Nicecream’ Fluff


180g banana
80-100ml carbonated/fizzy water
4g xanthan gum
30g Hi-PRO Smooth peanut butter
Optional: 10g whey protein powder or another type protein you like the taste of.
Optional: 10g cacao nibs for topping

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Serves: 2


1) Cut banana into slices. I then also cut them into quarters because I have a weak blender.
2) Freeze the banana on baking parchment until frozen (I froze mine overnight, but it should definitely be frozen solid in around 3-4 hours).
3) Have all of your other ingredients to hand before you get the banana out of the freezer – we don’t want this to get too warm.
4) Add the frozen banana fo the blender.
5) Pour 80-100ml carbonated water straight on top.
6) Blend for a few seconds, then push down any lumps at the top and blend again to initially incorporate.
7) Add the 4g xanthan gum to the blender and push down.
8) Blend until the mixture starts to get smooth and slightly ‘sticky’, clinging to itself. You may have to push down any lumps in between blitzes.
9) Add the peanut butter to the blend. Mix in by hand initially and then blend through the mixture.
9.5) You can also add 10g complementary flavour of protein such as chocolate, peanut or cinnamon and blend that through next, but that is optional.
10) Transfer the ‘fluff’ to a bowl.
11) Top with cacao nibs or other toppings of choice.
12) Eat immediately and enjoy!

This recipe was created by Ashleigh Ponder as part of our Top 50 recipe challenge.