About Hi-PRO

Containing 10g of protein in every two-tablespoon serving (33g), Hi-PRO is a range of great tasting crunchy and smooth high protein peanut butters specifically created for those who train.

Its high protein-power uniquely comes from all-natural peanut ingredients. Which means, unlike other brands, it doesn’t use whey or soy to increase its protein level. Instead, whole peanuts and peanut flour are combined to pack a protein punch that ensures you are only putting quality forms of essential nutrition into your body.

Great tasting, Hi-PRO Peanut Butter is also a source of fibre, niacin, magnesium, zinc and vitamins B1, B6 and E.

Available in Sainsbury’s.

Some need to knows about high protein peanut butter…

Where we’re stocked

The Hi-PRO range of high protein peanut butter is available in Sainsbury‘s in store and online, and via Amazon.

We will be continually expanding our list of stockists throughout the year so keep checking this page.

Why choose Hi-PRO over other high protein peanut butter?

Peanut butter is a good source of protein. But Hi-PRO’s Peanut Butter is a great source.

As you know, protein is a fundamental building block. For those who train, an increased intake is crucial to building and repairing muscle tissue pushed to the max as you work out.

What’s more, for those looking for a lean, defined athlete physique, a high protein diet will put your body in an anabolic state – the optimum state for building muscle.

30-40g of protein each meal throughout the day allows for complete recovery following workouts. This will ensure you have an adequate supply of protein without having to sustain energy by eating empty calories.

What is peanut flour?

Peanut flour is, very simply, ground peanuts with the fat removed. This means we can give you high protein peanut butter without increasing the fat content.

A quality source of essential fats

Fat has been long misunderstood. As you know, the truth is fats are essential to the proper functioning of the body and, when eaten in moderation, works as pure stored energy to help you build a body that’s strong and energetic

Why peanut butter?

+ Peanut butter is one of the best sports foods.

+ Calorie dense, the combination of protein and fats will help you feel fuller for longer

+ Low-cost, it fuels your body with the nutrients it needs without breaking the bank

+ It is a source of: niacin and B3 which helps convert food to energy; folate and B6 which are all associated with a reduced risk of heart disease; and magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E which are important for strengthening the immune system

+ Combined with fruit, grains and other sources of protein it helps deliver a balanced diet. Check out some of our recipes for inspiration

+ Finally, united with other foods such as milk, it creates a great sports food. For example two tablespoons of Hi-PRO (33g) peanut butter with a 250ml glass of whole milk delivers 18g protein. Find out how you can optimise your protein intake with our smoothie recipes.