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Pack your meals with an all-natural protein punch.

No salt and no whey.

Available in Sainsbury’s.

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Hi-PRO Peanut Butter 33% protein

We provide high protein peanut butters that taste great. Using all natural ingredients, we deliver 33% protein in every serving.

Available in Sainsbury’s.


High protein smoothies

Fuel your workouts with great tasting pre- or post-workout drinks.

Available in Sainsbury’s.


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Recharge, recover and repair.

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"Hi-PRO peanut butter is seriously tasty."
Sophie Kay, PT

"It takes everything great about peanut butter and make it BETTER."
Ben Mudge, PT

"You guys gotta check out this new product"
PT Magazine

"I love Hi-PRO Peanut Butter!"
Lisa-Jane Holmes, PT